What advantages are there to a voluntary organisation using COMPLYfile?

  • A simple and affordable online toolkit (reducing lifetime costs) that equips cash strapped voluntary orgs to achieve recruitment best practice, taking the stress out of volunteer recruitment and documentation.
  • Good governance & internal audit & external inspection purposes – enables a club to not only implement, but evidence that implementation, of child protection policies in volunteer recruitment.
  • Security: ISO27001 compliant security standards, applicant data security encrypted, files encrypted by the US Government’s Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm with 256-bit of 128-bit key length (NSA level security), encrypted disk images.
  • Attractive to an organsiation’s potential sponsors, regulators & stakeholders – shows a willingness to tackle child protection issues.
  • Variable permission levels and access privileges available, enabling tight control over data access.
  • COMPLYfile Analytics – enabling clubs to review their recruitment procedures in graphical forms (bar chart, pie charts, graphs) and also to benchmark against sanitized (data removed) comparisons in other sports using COMPLYfile.
  • COMPLYfile Reporting of data interpretation and Calls to Action (reports available online, in PDF or in word).
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Complyfile's cloud-based volunteer recruitment software relieves volunteer managers of the complexity of managing paper and excel based systems. Complyfile provides reliable volunteer recruitment software along with tools and analytics that make it a breeze to recruit new volunteers into your organization.