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Complyfile is an easy to use, cloud based governance, risk and compliance software platform, for voluntary organisations.

We help volunteer managers like you navigate the hazards of administering an organisation in today’s onerous regulatory and legislative landscape. Streamline and automate your volunteer recruitment process in your Complyfile. Don’t let it be your organisation’s Achilles’ heel to creating a safe organisation; allow our software do the donkey work for you.


Why should you sign up to a Complyfile trial?

Play our 60 second video to learn more about better volunteer recruitment, and how Complyfile guarantees to double the speed at which you recruit your volunteers, while helping you minimise your liabilities for failing to adhere to implement your own volunteer recruitment policies and procedures.

Because best practice is your only practice


All applicants should be interviewed by a panel comprising of at least two representatives of the organisation. Interviewers should explore the information stated on the application form and assess the applicant’s suitability for the post. The information supplied by the applicant and any other information supplied on their behalf should only be seen by persons directly involved in the recruitment procedure.

Identity verification

Being able to say that you’ve checked that applicants are in fact who they say they are, is pretty important. We help you to do this in a best practice way.

The organisation should ensure that the identity of the applicant is confirmed against some documentation (ID card, driving licence or passport) which gives his or her full name, address together with a signature or photograph. This should be compared with the written application.

Criminal background checking

We enable you to record if an applicant has been approved or rejected as part of your criminal background check process. All decisions in respect of the suitability of applicants for positions in organisations are the sole responsibility of the organisation concerned.

Internal audit reporting

Complyfile Analytics: your intuitive, powerful reporting platform.

At a glance health-check of your organisation’s compliance with its own recruitment processes, means you can bench-mark your organisation’s improvement levels. Drill down into underlying trends in your organisation through data analysis. Allows you to flag to your management team, areas where your controls aren’t as strong as they could be or should be.

Volunteer management

We provide you with an intuitive, easy to use online administration platform to manage your volunteer team from the point of application to their retirement from your organisation.

Character references

An applicant should be expected to supply the names of two referees (not family members) who will testify as to their character, their suitability to the role of employee/volunteer, or any other issues which may affect their ability to perform the tasks required of them. At least one referee should have first-hand knowledge of the applicant’s previous work or contact with children.


An acceptable reference will indicate that the person is known to the referee and is considered suitable by them to work with young people. All references should be received in writing and later confirmed by telephone, letter or personal visit. Any additional information should be attached to the application form. If the applicant volunteered in your sector previously, then ideally one of these names should be that of an administrator/leader from the last organisation they were involved with.

Increase Your Compliance

Better corporate governance

Better legal compliance

Better data protection

Reduce Your Liabilities

Strengthen your risk management practices

Eliminate your volunteer paperwork

Win back time wasted recruiting inefficiently

Best Practice

Streamline your onboarding

Create continuity of user experience

Centralised document repository

Customer Testimonials


ISPCC logo


Caroline O’Sullivan,
Director of Services

Caroline O'Sullivan, ISPCC Director of Services

“As the national child protection charity, the ISPCC has long set the standard in both advocating for, and implementing our own, robust volunteer recruitment & safeguarding procedures.

Last year, ISPCC’s Childline volunteers responded to almost 400,000 contacts from children and young people who needed help, support and a listening ear.

In 2016, we decided strategically we wanted to future-proof our volunteer recruitment processes, while at the same time effectively mitigating risk.

Choosing Complyfile was an easy decision to make. They speak our language, understanding the importance of the gold-standard that is volunteering with the ISPCC.

What’s more, they’re laser focused on making our administrative lives easier; aren’t afraid to make constructive suggestions on areas for improvement; and provide exceptional ongoing support to our team nationwide. This commitment from the team at Complyfile is second to none.

We’ve seen tangible results deploying the Complyfile solution, with ISPCC administrators around the country reporting a dramatic reduction in admin time spent recruiting volunteers, and we now have a standardised and first class system in place to recruit volunteers that has the safety and wellbeing of our client group as its main focus.

Bottom line? That means more ISPCC time being better spent on the delivery of services, dealing with wide-ranging issues and concerns of children and young people nationally.

If you’re looking for a committed partner to help your administrative and senior management team take the volunteer experience to the next level, then I couldn’t recommend Complyfile highly enough.”

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For regional charities
501-1000 volunteer records

Up to 10 Admins
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For national charities
1001-3000 volunteer records

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3001+ volunteer records

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Frequently Asked Questions

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More than 3000 volunteers? Click on the message bubble and get in touch with your name, email and organisation for details of our Enterprise Plan.


All plans include fast and reliable volunteer recruitment software, an unlimited number of administrators on your account, and helpful tools to make managing your volunteer files stress-free. Our pricing plans are simple, and are based on the number of your volunteers’ records you store in your Complyfile database.


Try your 30 day free trial. No “sign-up” fees. No minimum contracts. No long-term commitments. No credit card required.


Why do we offer a 30 day free trial?

We want to show you the value of your Complyfile platform, so you can see for yourself how much easier it’s going to make your job of recruiting new volunteers into your organisation ~ we reckon 30 days should do the job. During those 30 days we want to help you use our software, and get to know our team ~ and you can then decide if we’d be a good fit to partner with your own organisation.


The Complyfile 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Complyfile 60 Day Money Back Guarantee is simply this: if after the expiry of your 30 Day Free Trial you sign up but are not completely satisfied with your Complyfile, we will offer a full refund or credit, within 60 days of your first month’s purchase—no questions asked.

money back guarantee


Who’s Complyfile ideal for?

Complyfile’s not for everyone. In fact, we operate in a pretty tight niche. We have a laser-like focus to help you if you’re a volunteer administrator, or if you sit on the Board of Directors or Committee of an organisation which has adult volunteers (and in particular if they work unsupervised with children or vulnerable adults). In that case, Complyfile has been designed and built just for you.  So, if you have volunteers in your:


  • sports club
  • faith-based group like a church, synagogue or mosque
  • school with a large team of parent volunteers
  • provider of leisure or physical activities for children
  • hospital or health service provider (maybe you have a befriending and visiting service)
  • child-care service providers or charity


and you want a professional volunteer recruitment tool for your voluntary organisation, then Complyfile is ideal for you. We’re here to help you move away from paper based systems, poorly photocopied pieces of paper, Excel spreadsheets, Google Drive and DropBox accounts, with emails and texts being sent from your personal email address and mobile number.


Sign up for a free 30 day trial; or get in touch with us on the email address below, by phone, or by clicking the speech bubbles in the blue circle at the bottom right of this screen to chat with us; let’s start putting the fun back into recruiting new volunteers.

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